Creating a better business environment and implementing policies to help enterprises - The Working Committee on Finance, Economy and Urban Construction

In order to solve the problems restricting the development of enterprises, create a more excellent business environment, boost the confidence of enterprise development, and help Luohu economy stabilize and rebound, on the afternoon of May 11, 2023, the district people's Congress Standing Committee of Finance, Economy and Urban Construction and Environmental Resources Working Committee of the Distri


In the district people's congress, source Xing fruit chairman Lu Jin Pao accompanied by a group of people visited the company's honor wall, cultural corridor and office area, and then in the conference room to listen to the company's scale, business model, development history and other aspects of the detailed introduction. Representatives in the source of fruit in recent years to maintain a good development trend and bear the social responsibility to give a high degree of affirmation, focusing on the source of fruit to understand the current business situation, and in this regard on the current Luohu enterprises are generally faced with the problem of in-depth discussion.

Lu Yaoming, deputy director of fully affirmed the development achievements of Yuanxing Fruit, he believes that agriculture is the top priority of national development, vigorously develop agriculture, promote the transformation and development of agriculture, is the party central committee, the government has been concerned about the big event. Source Xing fruit as a national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises. Should actively play a leading role, do modern agricultural development promoter, leading farmers to become rich and prosperous. I hope that the source of fruit products continue to play the industry advantages, information advantages, resource advantages, to build a good upstream and downstream of the agricultural industry in Shenzhen ecosystem continue to play a positive role.