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We look forward to working with you for a bright future! Our goal is to satisfy our customers with high precision and reliable quality to ensure that every customer feels comfortable and confident with our products in their applications. Our products are widely used in the market due to their excellent performance. We can develop exclusive solutions according to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information

Service Hotline / 0755-25840333
Recruitment Mailbox / shenzhen@yumsun.com
Official Website / www.yumsun.com
WeChat Official Account / 源兴果品、源兴乐活
Addresss / Shangmei Times Building, No.57th Long Guan East Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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Business Segment Contacts

Product Base / Procurement Leader

Name:Zhang Shuming

Business General Manager

Name:Bin Chen

Domestic Business International Business Product Base YUMSUN Farm
Regional Contact
General Manager He Shaoping13430753135 heshaoping@yumsun.com
Shenzhen Lu Changsheng13501557610 lu121@yumsun.com
Guangzhou Lu Lihui15999525366 don@yumsun.com
Guangzhou & Foshan Tan Dafeng13428757501 tdf@yumsun.com
Southwest China Yuan Weibiao18899766993 ywb@yumsun.com
East China Hu Kehong15801847386 hukh@yumsun.com
Changsha Huang Congyou18218814300 huangcy@yumsun.com
Wuhan Lu Qinsheng18681193149 421761317@qq.com
Nanchang Yang Shangwen15507069667 ysw@yumsun.com
Fuzhou Tian Xiaocan13809891195 tianxc@yumsun.com
Xiamen He Shaoping13430753135 heshaoping@yumsun.com
Foodstuffs Zhu Peisheng13602592632 zhups@yumsun.com
E-commerce Zhou Bo13554989252 zb@yumsun.com
Regional Contact
Head Lin Feifei13501557602 fion@yumsun.com
Import Lu Lihui15999525366 don@yumsun.com
Export Lu Zhe18123914734 ray@yumsun.com
Hong Kong Lu Zhanwu13925238940 luzx@yumsun.com
Hong Kong Lu Yulin64878683 luyulin127@gmail.com
Regional Contact
Shenzheng Luo Xinqiang13828894732 luoxq@yumsun.com
Regional Contact
Manager Zeng Jinfeng15013837091 zengjf@yumsun.com
Guangzhou Lu Biquan13509681487 king@yumsun.com
Vietnam Chen Haiqiao18100286192 chenhq@yumsun.com
Shandong Zhuang Dianrui18853567888 zhuangdr@yumsun.com
Shaanxi Zhang Weike13572569058 zhangwk@yumsun.com
Jiangxi Lu Weiqun13501557619 lwq@yumsun.com
Xinjiang Lu Yuwang18699700081 akesu@yumsun.com
Yunnan Chen Qigong18688707162 shenzhen@yumsun.com

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