Poverty Alleviation Center (Shenzhen) Officially Inaugurated

On the morning of January 18, the Poverty Alleviation Center (Shenzhen) unveiling ceremony and the first Consumption Poverty Alleviation Trade Fair (Shenzhen) opening ceremony was held on the third floor of the Shenzhen Haijixing International Agricultural Products Logistic Park, a total of 207 supply enterprises from 54 counties in 9 provinces of Shenzhen's counterparts to help the agricultural an


Vice Mayor Huang Min said in his speech that the official opening of the Poverty Alleviation Center (Shenzhen) and the grand opening of the first Poverty Alleviation Trade Fair (Shenzhen) will further stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in the consumption poverty alleviation, break the barriers of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas of "production, supply and marketing", promote the products of the poverty-stricken areas to become commodities, help the poor households to increase their production and increase their incomes, and construct a long-lasting mechanism for stabilizing the poverty eradication, creating a "large pattern" of poverty alleviation for the whole people, and forming a "big synergy" to alleviate the poverty of the society.


The Poverty Alleviation Center (Shenzhen) has set up functional areas including display and sale of agricultural products, release of helping activities, interactive experience of agricultural products, and integration and release of big data, etc. It helps the poor products to go out of their production areas, enter Shenzhen, and go to the whole country through the "display and sale", "transaction aggregation", "product operation", and so on. Product Operation", to help the poverty alleviation products out of the origin, into Shenzhen, to the country, to improve the independent economic blood-forming function of the poverty-stricken areas, and to enrich the "food basket" of Shenzhen citizens and even Greater Bay Area. Our company exhibited the fruit products from Xinjiang, Guangxi, Jiangxi and other poverty-alleviation areas in the trading expo area, which received wide attention and favorable comments.


At the opening ceremony, our company as a representative enterprise signed a large amount of agricultural products purchasing agreement to the Jiangxi region, to solve the problem of agricultural products sales in Jiangxi region. Our company is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, over the years in Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places to buy a large number of local fruits and other agricultural products, directly or indirectly drive the development of local farmers to get rich; at the same time, the company also assists the government departments at all levels in Baise, Guangxi, Guangdong, Shanwei and other areas of the counterparts in the work of poverty alleviation to play the role of the enterprise in poverty alleviation as it should be.