To be good for good, to turn thoughts into actions|Yuanxing Fruits participated in the celebration of Luohu District Charity Association and the elec

On December 20, the 16th anniversary of the founding of Shenzhen Luohu District Charity Association and the fourth session of the Board of Directors of the General Election Conference was held in Luohu Hall.

Shenzhen Charity Association President, former Chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Dai Beibei attended the celebration and delivered a speech, the District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhou Yichuan, the District Political Consultative Conference Chairman Liuguangmin, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Deputy Director Yang HaoBo, Luohu District Leaders Huang ShengWen, LvManNi, ZhanHui, the fourth president of the Luohu District Charity Association, WuYuZhong, the third president of the KANGYaLi, the fourth all the members of the Luohu Charity Association, the love of the enterprise representatives, the district units and the Nanshan District, BaoAn District and other representatives of the Charity Association to participate in the meeting.

Celebration Meeting

At the event, Dai Beifang fully affirmed the work of Luohu District Charity Association, especially pointed out that the "Love Luohu" project has built a real, equal, collaborative, mutual help and assistance platform to enhance people's well-being, enhance the sense of access to the people in need, the sense of happiness has played a positive role, and also for the people's livelihood and happiness of the construction of the benchmark city to realize the "weak have many help" provides a practical sample. It also provides a practical sample for helping the construction of a benchmark city for people's livelihood and happiness and realizing the principle of "the weak are helped by the many". He stressed that public welfare and charity is an important symbol of a city's level of development and civilization. In the new journey of building a socialist modernization country, the development of a city should not only have "speed" but also "warmth".

General election for the fourth session of the Governing Council

The General Assembly held subsequently elected the members of the Fourth Council and Supervisory Board, as well as the President, Vice President, Supervisor, Secretary General and Executive Director. Wu Yuzhong, former chairman of Shenzhen Luohu District Political Consultative Conference, was elected as the president of the fourth council of Luohu District Charity Association. Yuanxing Fruit became a member of the Council.

Wu Yuzhong elected President of the Fourth Board of Directors of the Luohu District Charity Association

Wu Yuzhong said that the new Council will closely unite and lead all members, and all sectors of the community with love and power to resolutely implement the Party and the Government's new mission of philanthropy, new requirements, so that the party committee has a call to action, charitable action, and actively respond to the needs of the community, and constantly enhance the well-being of the people's livelihoods, to strengthen the publicity and guidance, expanding the community's participation in the strengthening of its own construction, improve the level of service, and continue to promote the cause of the Luohu Charity on a new level, and strive to create a new situation for the cause of the charity of the Luohu.

Membership Certificate

For more than 30 years, Yuanxing has been integrating social responsibility into the company's development strategy, giving full play to the characteristics of the fruit industry, actively participating in social welfare, and conveying humanistic care and highlighting the warmth of the bottom color by solving the problem of employment, consumer assistance, agricultural public welfare, and love donations. In the future, Yuanxing will continue to practice responsible supply chain, expand the depth and breadth of public welfare undertakings, and exert more power to give back to the society.