Yuanxing Fruit Products won the 2023 Canal Products Helping Rural Revitalization Unit

In the afternoon of December 28th, Shenzhen’s Shenzhen Standards Promotion Association (SSPA) held the 2023 SSPA General Meeting in Futian Hall of People's Mansion.


 Scene of Grand Meeting
During the meeting, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government Deputy Secretary General, Guangdong-Guangxi Collaboration Task Force leader Kuang Bing, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organ party secretary, the second level inspector Chen Jianmin, municipal rural revitalization and collaboration and exchange of Bureau of the party group members of the Municipal Party Committee Agricultural Affairs Office of the full-time deputy director of the Ouyang Weiguo, the standard for the promotion of the Council, such as the chairman of the board of directors of the Zhou Peng, and other leaders have made the relevant keynote speeches.

Kuang Bing, Deputy Secretary General of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government and leader of Guangdong-Guangxi Collaboration Task Force, made an online speech for the conference.

Chen Jianmin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and Second Grade Inspector, delivered a speech

Speech by Ouyang Weiguo, member of the party group of the Municipal Rural Revitalization and Collaborative Exchange Bureau and full-time deputy director of the Municipal Agriculture Office

Zhou Peng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Standards (AAS), made a concluding statement

The event also focused on awarding medals for excellent Shenzhen products units, Shenzhen products to help rural revitalization units, excellent member units, excellent standard editing units and excellent Shenzhen products sales units. Yuanxing Fruit won the Shenzhen products to help rural revitalization unit.

Chairman Lu Jinbao congratulates the General Meeting

Over the years, Yuanxing endeavors to play the role of a bridge of fruit enterprises, will own fruit base construction throughout the country's major high-quality producing areas, rooted in the vast domestic rural areas, and the source of the fruit farmers together. At the same time with the help of fruit intelligent sorting technology, greatly improve the quality of fruit stability, hidden in the fields of Guangxi Baise mango, Jiangxi Gannan navel orange, Xinjiang sugar apple and other "treasures" fruits to build a large upstream channel, to "Shenzhen product" standard as a model With the "SHENZHENPIN" standard as a model, the company has provided assistance for farmers to increase their income and rural areas to become rich, and made it more convenient for global consumers to buy fruits of high quality that are fresher and healthier.