Fuping Persimmon Cake was sold in Hong Kong for the first time, and Yuanxing Supply Chain made another push!

Recently, in Hong Kong PARKnSHOP supermarket shelves, displayed boxes of special products from China - Fuping persimmon cake, loved by Hong Kong consumers. The person in charge of ParknShop said, "In early December, once the Fuping persimmon cakes were on the shelves, consumers began to rush to buy them, with favorable reviews."


As we all know, Shaanxi Fuping is the global persimmon high-quality production area, the raw material for making Fuping persimmon cake - large pointed persimmon, is the Fuping fruit growers from generation to generation to select and breed the most suitable for this place of the variety, this variety left Fuping can not grow this flavor.

Large, thick, juicy, low-fiber Fuping large pointed persimmons, after peeling, de-astringent, softening, drying, shaping, and other dozen of fine production processes. Compared with persimmon cakes in other regions, "Fuping persimmon cake" has five characteristics, large, persimmon cream white thick, bottom bright, moist, sweet flavor, and "Fuping persimmon cake" is rich in nutrients, rich in proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients, is the winter and spring seasonal health food, but also a gift for friends and family. Fuping Persimmon Cake" is rich in nutrients, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, it is a seasonal health food in winter and spring, and it is also a good gift for friends and relatives.

Colleagues from the Hong Kong business department of Yuanxing introduced that Fuping persimmon cake is a key single product promoted by Yuanxing Fruit and strategic partner Tianxi Agriculture, which is a new rising force in the core single product of Yuanxing and a new growth point in the cooperation with PARKnSHOP in Hong Kong. The first batch of Fuping persimmon cakes into the Hong Kong super sales response was excellent, the follow-up will continue to play the supply chain advantages, help Fuping persimmon cakes rooted in new markets.

Yuanxing has been in-depth industry industry chain panorama, strengthen the global supply chain complete service system, formed a "direct procurement + supply chain + distribution services" mature business model, while constantly increasing the supply of services for the cooperation of a single product to expand the channel, stabilize the supply chain, mention the new growth point, comprehensively empowered domestic and foreign partners, but also for more consumers to bring more high-quality and healthy products, and to promote the high-quality development of the fruit industry.