Sharing the event, drawing the future together

Hong Kong Asia International Fruit & Vegetable Show 2023, Four Keywords Bring You a glimpse of Yuanxing Fruit's Super Combustion Site
 Booth upgrades, injecting green health good vitality

This exhibition Yuanxing adopts the theme color of "vitality orange" to show the colorful vitality of fruit enterprises, puts forward the new concept of "tree of life", advocates the concept of "vitality", "green", "healthy", insists on the green development to empower the sustainable future of mankind, integrates its own development into the tide of the times, and demonstrates Yuanxing's internationalization, diversification, specialization, and green service concepts and corporate elegance with the design style of green, innovation, simplicity, and atmosphere.

China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times, Yuanxing followed the traditional culture and prepared the accompanying gifts for the arriving guests, thanking every trust and returning every attention.


Brands converge to highlight product differentiation

Yuanxing Fruit brings together global high-quality fruit brands, focusing on internationally renowned products such as New Zealand Sonia apples, Breeze apples and other cooperative brands, as well as "Desert Flowering Fragrance" Korla fragrant pears, "YUMSUN" dragon fruits, Sun Snow Pear, "YUMSUN" Fuji apples and other own-branded products, and strives to satisfy the diversified needs of contemporary consumers with high-quality and differentiated products.

Wonderful interactions, triggering the flow of visitors to the exhibition

This year the scene, source Xing increase interactive link. "Sunny and tough" and "cute and soft" blended into a living and breathing Korla pear dolls, once launched will receive wide attention and countless fans, become a popular item for everyone to take pictures together, comes with blessing plus and affinity BUFF, make source Xing! Booth continues to be hot, “Desert Flowering Fragrance” brand also with strength fire out of the circle!


To innovate, foreseeing industrial development

Over the past few years, Yuanxing has successfully reached in-depth cooperation with head enterprises in many countries. This year, we are once again utilizing the Hong Kong AFL platform to conduct multilateral negotiations with global quality counterparts and buyers to explore new cooperation and new opportunities, and to promote the high-quality development of the global fruit and vegetable industry chain.

In the future, Yuanxing will continue to accumulate the potential of the whole chain of the fruit industry, do a good job of professional services and support, continue to focus on industry, do the main business, plowing the professional, with a diligent and pragmatic style and the spirit of innovation, and continue to promote more Chinese fruits to the world, but also introduce the world's fruits into China.