Yuanxing Fruits at the 20th China International Agricultural Products Trade Fair

The morning of November 9, the 20th China International Agricultural Products Trade Fair opened in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and at the same time held the first "Strong Agriculture Forum".

China International Agricultural Products Trade Fair is approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs hosted a large-scale agricultural industry event, has been successfully held nineteen times, in the propaganda of China's "three rural" policy, show the achievements of agricultural and rural development, active circulation of agricultural products, promote agricultural trade and cooperation plays an important role in China's most authoritative and most internationally influential comprehensive agricultural event. It is the most authoritative and internationally influential comprehensive agricultural event in China.


Under the organization of Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Guangdong Provincial Agricultural Foreign Economy and Farmers' Cooperation Promotion Center, Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Shenzhen Leading Agricultural Enterprises Association, Yuanxing Fruits, as one of the representatives of the agricultural enterprises in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, took part in the trade fair, and displayed the main products of the company, "YUMSUN" brand of Shandong Special Fuji and Cream Fuji, which were attracted warm attention from the visitors, and they competed for the first to taste them.




Yuanxing Fruit is a more than 30 years specializing in fruit and vegetable planting and harvesting, processing and warehousing, import and export trade, channel distribution, etc. as one of the key national leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, in 2022 won the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs "Agricultural International Trade High-quality Development Base" title for the enterprise over the years in the international trade of agricultural products to give the results of the enterprises in the international trade of agricultural products.




Yuanxing Fruit as a fresh fruit acquisition of all categories, all-channel sales of comprehensive agricultural products business enterprises, adhere to the global procurement + global sales mode of operation and sales, has established in Xinjiang Korla, Xinjiang Aksu, Shandong Qixia, Shaanxi Baishui, Jiangxi Xunwu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Binh Thuan, Vietnam and other places to establish a 12 fruits and vegetables production and processing bases, of which 4 for the provincial agricultural leading enterprises, 8 for the Shenzhen City, "food basket" base, a number of fruit products through the "Shenzhen" evaluation. The "vegetable basket" base, a number of fruit products through the "Shenzhen" evaluation. The vegetable basket base of Yuanxing fruit products directly drive more than 10,000 fruit farmers, for the country's rural revitalization strategy to assume the responsibility of the enterprise. Yuanxing also established a number of distribution centers with a certain scale, serving the big bay area's famous supermarkets, enterprises and institutions, catering enterprises, e-commerce platforms and large and medium-sized cities across the country's wholesale market of agricultural products, and nearly 30 countries and regions around the world's well-known fruit enterprises to establish trade relations, including cooperation with the "Belt and Road" countries for the Jewish The products are exported to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, and have a certain brand awareness.



At the meeting, nearly 3,000 enterprises from 18 countries and regions will exhibit, and more than 10,000 brand-name agricultural products will appear at the Agricultural Fair. In the meantime, agricultural and rural departments, relevant industry associations and enterprises will organize more than 30 brand promotion sessions and carry out new product releases, tasting experiences and other activities.