Shenzhen Agricultural Science and Technology Finance "Hundred counties walk" into the source Yuanxing Xunwu base

In order to implement the central government on accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country's major decisions and deployments, in-depth implementation of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee to comprehensively promote the "hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and villages of high-quality development project", Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Agricultural Affairs Office,



On the morning of October 25th, accompanied by the competent leaders of the government of Xunwu County and the chairman of the board of directors of Yuanxing Fruit, Mr. Lu Jingun, the research group of Shenzhen "Hundred Counties Line" visited the citrus production base of Yuanxing Fruit in Xunwu, and observed the Gannan Navel Orange Digital Intelligent Sorting System on the spot, so as to comprehensively understand the modern technology such as how to carry out fine sorting of internal and external quality of navel oranges through the AI Intelligent Visual Sorting + infruscan 4.0 internal non-destructive testing technology + big data analysis. infruscan 4.0 internal non-destructive testing technology + big data analysis and other modern technologies, navel orange internal and external quality refinement sorting, to achieve high-quality product output and supply.


In the afternoon, the deep search of the two sides of the enterprise docking promotion and signing ceremony was held in Xunwu County Government, the meeting focused on the core technology of the agricultural industry, innovation and application, and from the Shenzhen City of agriculture, science and technology, and finance and other fields of scientific research institutions, business associations, leading enterprises responsible for and on behalf of the people to come together to discuss and conceptualize the "digital + science and technology + finance" of the agricultural new mode of communication platform to build, and to further promote deep search of deep-seeking the two sides of the deeper cooperation in agriculture, science and technology and finance in various fields.




At the docking meeting, Yuanxing Fruit, as a national agricultural leading enterprise, carried out consumption support through the mode of "purchase instead of donation", and signed a purchase agreement with Xunwu enterprises, with the purchase amount of Gannan navel oranges and other products reaching up to 35 million yuan, earnestly fulfilling the responsibility of targeted support and helping rural revitalization.




Since the "hundred counties, thousands of towns and ten thousand villages high-quality development project" has been carried out, Yuanxing Fruit actively give play to the fruit supply chain and brand advantages over the years, and Jiangxi Xunwu, Guangxi Baise, Guangdong Shanwei, Xinjiang Kashgar and other places to establish a consumer support relationship to help high-quality and inexpensive agricultural fruits into the consumer market, so that more and more consumers taste the fresh beauty of agricultural fruits. Let more and more consumers savor the freshness and beauty of fruits.