Finding the Brightest Korean Campbell's Grapes

August 25, by the Korean Agricultural Association Union, Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd. hosted, Shenzhen Green Cuisine Valley Agricultural Innovation Development Co., Ltd. co-organized the "South Korea's Jinbao grapes in China market promotion ceremony" was held in Haijixing Wholesale Market, Pinghu District, Shenzhen City.

Mr. Lee Seung-hoon, Branch Director of Korea Agricultural, Fisheries and Foodstuffs Distribution Corporation (i.e. Korea Ministry of Agriculture) in Hong Kong, Mr. Ahn Nam-geun, Co-Chairman of Young-China Agricultural Cooperative Association (YCACA), Mr. Choi Ho-young, Minister of Gyeonggi Agricultural Cooperative Association (GACA), Mr. Lu Changying, Deputy General Manager of Yuanxing Fruit Company Limited, Mr. Zhang Guodong, General Manager of Shenzhen Agricultural Products Co.

In recent years, with the booming development of South Korea's grape growing industry, grapes have become one of the main fruits produced in South Korea. Korea's climate has four distinct seasons, which is suitable for the growth of grapes, and the fruits are large and sweet.In August 2015, the AQSIQ and the Korean quarantine authorities confirmed the "Phytosanitary Requirements for Korean Grapes to be Exported to China", and grapes have become the first kind of fruit exported from Korea to China. As a representative product of high-end grapes in the Korean consumer market, Jinbao grapes are widely loved by consumers in Korea as well as Hong Kong market.

At this event, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and the Korea Federation of Agricultural Associations joined hands with Shenzhen's fruit industry leaders in the hope of promoting Korea's best grapes currently available to the Shenzhen market. Ann Nam-geun, Co-Chairman of Yung-China Agricultural Association, said in her speech that Kimball grapes are grown in Gyeonggi Province, which is situated by the sea, and have a big difference in sunshine, together with the cultivation of organic matter, which makes the grapes have a high sugar content of 16% and a longer storage time. Lee Seung-hoon, branch president of the Hong Kong branch of the Korea Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Distribution Corporation (KAFDC), said that through the partnership with Green Cuisine Valley, Kimball grapes can be introduced face-to-face to local consumers. The Chinese market, especially Guangdong, which has the highest income level, will be an important market for the potential consumption power of Korean grape exports.

Lu Changying, Deputy General Manager of Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd. said that CAMPBELL has high glucose content, special flavor and full grains, and its arrival will surely be favored by the majority of consumers, and he hoped that he could take this opportunity to have more cooperation with the Korea Federation of Agricultural Associations. During the event, agricultural industry insiders from China and South Korea jointly injected wine with the word "CAMPBELL" (Campbell) to raise a glass of blessing for the smooth promotion of Campbell grapes in the Chinese market. At the end of the event, consumers were invited to taste the grapes, which were highly appreciated by the consumers, who thought that Campbell grapes were soft and sweeter than other grapes in the market, with a strong wine flavor, which affirmed its value in the market.

In conjunction with the Jinbao Grape Promotion Program in China, the Korea Federation of Agricultural Associations, Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Green Cuisine Valley Agricultural Innovation Development Co., Ltd. will launch a comprehensive cooperation to bring a new fruity and healthy life to the people of Shenzhen.

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